Sabrina and Gwooki are the founders of SinnerG Tattoos and Dark Arts studio and Sinisteria Haunted House. Met by fate and started working on art projects since the day they met. Tattooing and Dark performance arts are two of their main passions. The power couple have traveled across the states to develop their skills and refine their techniques of tattooing, sideshows, freakshows, theater and more, finding a home in the heart of Virginia.  



Sabrina Elliotte

Feminine black and grey tattooing is what she is known for and recognized for her delicate shades and refined outlines which combined reflect the beauty and sensitivity of her artwork.  



Award winning tattoo artist whose work has emphasized attention to black and grey biomechanical and dark surrealism. Textures and depth are aspects that highlight his style as well as the flow and realistic effects

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