War, famine, and natural disasters, as a result of centuries of abuse to the earth, tore the thin veil of civilized society to expose something more sinister.  The shadows surrounding the long-neglected city, once teeming with wildlife and suburban bliss, became home to a small group of cast-outs -- wayward souls, unwilling to bend to the city’s tyrannical ways.

  Their land, known as Sinisteria, was lightless, swampy, and filled with tar pits, bubbling discarded bones and toxic fumes.  The people there became one with the broken world, turning to old, primitive rituals and blood magic. Over time, the original group broke off into different tribes. They mutated, growing with their dark arts. Certain tribes became bewitched with the taste of human flesh while others unlocked unimaginable powers in their rituals. These powers drew demons, monsters, half-breeds, and witches alike into their ranks.  As their tribes continue to flourish, so does their need for flesh and souls to fuel their art and bring them closer to the obscurities that lie within. You may have seen these tribes performing rituals around your city. If you see them, be wary, for their rituals may awaken something ancient and crooked within you.